Ireland (from the Old Irish Ériu, which is the name of a goddess from Irish mythology) is located on the third-largest island in Europe. It is surrounded by the North Atlantic Ocean and seperated from Great Britain by the Irish Sea.

There are a lot of fascinating myths and legends in Ireland, which were passed down orally first. Later they were written down. They tell stories about fairies and the Otherworld as well as the Leprechaun and the Pukka among others.

We spend 12 days exploring this beautiful country by doing an epic roadtrip in October! We explored Dublin, the stunning Wicklow Mountains as well as a good part of the southwest and west coast.

Ireland map


The languages spoken are Irish and English.

The best time to travel to Ireland is generally from June until August. Shoulder season is from April – May as well as September – October. During the winter months ourdoor activities, in particular most boat tours on the Atlantic Ocean do not operate.

Ireland is part of the European Union, which is why the currency used is the Euro (€).

However, the power plugs used are not the ones from Continental Europe, but those used on the British Isles (Type G). The voltage is typically 230 V. If like us, you forgot your plug adapter, try looking in souvenir shops or kiosks – that’s where we found one!


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