Hi there and welcome to our blog! We are Florence and Andy, the faces behind The Migratory Birds!

Travel is a passion of ours and, same as what every other travel-blogger will tell you😉, we naturally love to explore new places, get to know different cultures and try new and unique experiences.

On this blog we will share our experiences, but also focus a lot on travel-planning as well as destination guides. With our posts, we aim to give you inspiration for your own travels and provide the tools you need to plan your own trips.

Why ‘The Migratory Birds’?

We searched quite some time for an appropriate name for us and let me tell you something, it was everything but easy to find one that wasn’t being used already.

Actually, we kind of stumbled upon this name by chance. At the time we had just decided we wanted to write a blog about our travels and that happened to be in spring around the time where migratory birds passed our home to get to their summer quarters. And that´s where the idea came from: migratory birds are birds that by regular seasonal movement change their whereabouts. 

We liked the idea of the regular movement (even though migratory birds actually only move between their breeding and wintering grounds) and a life on the road.

And that’s how we ended up as ‘The Migratory Birds’. Note: The fact that this name wasn’t being used by anyone on social media yet, spoke in favor it too of course.

Who are we?

Even though we are both born and raised in Luxembourg, we actually met in Bonn in Germany, where we both lived for a few years while studying.

Ever since becoming a couple we have traveled together. At first mostly around Europe, but more recently we extended our travels to Asia during our multi-months trip around East and Southeast Asia in 2023!

couple sitting in front of Mt. Hallasan summit stone mark

We both love food, hiking and being in nature. When visiting a new place, we are always on the hunt for the best viewpoints and we do not mind occasionally veering off-the-beaten path.

In general we love learning new things and enjoy discussing new ideas (which is why you will probably encounter random facts here and there in our posts).

Our ultimate goal is to slowly make our way around the globe and tick off all (or most of) the things from our bucket list! However, we will do so in no rush and we try to be mindful of every new experience and enjoy them to the fullest!

What can you expect from this blog?

First and foremost, we want to use this platform to show you how you can easily plan your own trips. We will share in-depth destination guides, travel tips as well as the occasional more general travel planning guide.

While we wish to visit countries all over the world, we do have a slight preference for European and Asian countries, which you might recognize when looking through our destinations list so far.

In terms of travel style, we consider ourselves to be ‘mid-range travelers’. Meaning:

  • We travel on a budget, but we are definitely no hardcore budget travelers.
  • Staying in a standard double room (could be in a hotel, guesthouse or hostel) over a multi-bed dorm room? Any day!
  • We don’t need anything fancy though. Basic and most importantly clean and we are happy!
  • Suitcase over backpack, except if it is more convenient to travel with a backpack for a few days.
  • Free activities for the win! However we will splurge on that more expensive once in a lifetime activity, if it is something we really want to do.
  • You will not find us spending money on things we don’t really want to do though, even if they are super popular.

It all comes down to priorities for us. We think that budget travel shouldn’t always be about having to say no to everything that costs.

For us, travel is about experiences and sometimes these experiences have a price that we are willing to pay. Especially if it is something we always wanted to do!

In our guides we try to give you as much information as possible and show you all the possibilities you have when planning your own trip. Just because we were not interested in doing a certain activity does not mean that you are not either.

Sounds good? Great!

The ‘Countries Been’ List

In our 7+ years together, we have traveled to over 20 countries together! Marked as visited are only the countries we have both seen together.

Countries that only one of us has visited or that we did not visit together are not on this list. We currently do not have guides on all of these countries as we visited a lot of them before this blog existed.

Asia (Countries Been: 8)
North America (Countries Been: 1)
Europe (Countries Been: 13)
Counties Been Total: 22

But, enough about us now and on to our destination guides! Have fun exploring!