Japan – 日本 or Nihon, with the first kanji literally meaning ‘sun’ and the second ‘origin’, which translates to the ‘Land of the rising sun’ as can be found in the English language – is a country in East Asia, made up of 6.852 islands – the main 4 being Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu and Shikoku.

Japan is known for many traditions and craftsmenships such as their Buddhist and Shinto rituals, tea ceremonies, hot springs, ryokan, pottery, taiko performances … too many to name in this small introduction!

I (Florence) spent 2 weeks in Japan in 2017 with my family. But I am eager to return and explore more of this country. Here you will find some guides to places I have visited during my trip.


Most people speak Japanese as their first language. However, there are still some little-known languages spoken throughout the country, one of these is for instance the language spoken by the Ainu in Hokkaido. In most big cities you will get by easily on English. However in more rural places you might need to communicate using your hands and feet if you don’t know any Japanese.

The currency used in Japan is the Yen (¥‎).

The power plug sockets used are Type A and B. Typically the voltage is 100 V.

There is no best time to visit Japan, since the countrie’s climate is so diverse. It all depends on where you go and what you prefer. For instance Hokkaido is great to visit in the summer months, however the rest of the country tends to get very hot and humid. End of March- early April is great for sakura season. End of October – November for Momiji (Fall leaves). During the summer months there are festivals throughout Japan and you can climb Mount Fuji. So pick the season that best suits your itinerary. Just maybe try to avoid Golden week (typically end of April-beginning of May) and Obon week (Mid-August), since most Japanese people travel during these holidays and everything will be booked out. Also during New Year, a lot will be closed.


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