Hi there! And Welcome to our Blog!

We are Florence & Andy! On this blog we share our experiences, but also focus a lot on travel planning as well as destination guides. With our posts, we aim to give you inspiration for your own travels and provide the info and tools you need to plan your own trips!



Hi, Florence and Andy here!

We are a couple from Luxembourg (in Europe) with a passion for travel and a love for exploring countries more in-depth!

Ever since meeting each other we have been to more than 20 countries together!

While we do travel on a budget, we are no hard-core budget backpackers.

Instead we consider ourselves ‘mid-range’ travelers that do like to stay in standard double rooms over hostel dorms, travel with a suitcase most of the time and even if we prefer free activities, will splurge on that once in a lifetime experience if we deem it worth it!

This sounds like you too? Then follow along as we share destination guides and travel tips from all over the world specifically for your kind of traveler!