Hi and welcome to our blog! We are Florence and Andy, the faces behind The Migratory Birds!

Travel is a passion of ours and we love to explore new places, get to know different cultures and try new and unique experiences.

On this blog we share our experiences, but also focus a lot on travel-planning as well as destination guides. With our posts, we aim to give you inspiration for your own travels and provide the tools you need to plan your own trips.

During the last years, we mostly explored destinations within Europe i.e., our own backyard.

However, since May 2023, we are on a new journey! We quit our jobs to embark on a longer trip around the world! We don’t know exactly where this journey will take us yet, but for now we will probably spend the rest of 2023 in Asia! First stop, South Korea!

This new journey is an effort to slowly make our way around the globe and tick off things from our bucket list. However, we will do so in no rush and try to be mindful of every new experience in order to enjoy them to the fullest! If you wish to travel with us in real-time, follow us on Instagram (@xthemigratorybirds)


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Are you planning a trip to Seoraksan National Park? Find out everything you need to know before hiking the popular Ulsanbawi Trail!

In this post we cover some of the interesting things to see and do while in the South Korean city of Sokcho!

Do you want to know if a trip to Sokcho is worth it, how to get there and where to stay? We cover everything you need to know while planning your trip!


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In this guide to Cork and Cobh, we give you all the information you need to include these cities into your Ireland roadtrip itinerary.

This guide to Edinburgh gives you all the information you need to plan your trip to the capital of Scotland, the country of myths and legends.

Travel Planning

Are you in the process of planning your next trip and wondering how to create your ultimate travel itinerary?

In this step-by-step guide we walk you through the process of creating your own personalized travel itinerary from start to finish and provide some tips, tricks and examples along the way!

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Are you looking for potential hikes for your next vacation? In this section you will find all our hiking guides.

Find out everything you need to know to hike the Risco and 25 Fontes Hiking Trail, which are headed to these amazing waterfalls, on Madeira!

Find out everything you need to know about the Ponta de São Lorenço Hiking Trail, leading you through the most unique landscape on Madeira!

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In this section you will find travel itineraries as well as information on roadtrips to countries we recently went to! This section is ideal if you are looking for inspiration for your next roadtrip!

So, what can you fit into a 1 week Algarve vanlife itinerary? Find out as we share our route, campsites and tips for your next vanlife trip!