There is no other country on this planet that has such an iconic shape as the country of Italy. Shaped like a boot, this southern-european country is filled with history, culture and fantastic food. Even landscape-wise Italy has much to offer: from the Dolomites, which are part of the Alps to the hills of Tuscany; beautiful coastal villages nestled in the rock in Cinque Terre as well as impressive volcanoes in the south, just to mention some. Italy is located in between the Mediterranean Sea to the left and the Adrian Sea to the right.

Italy is a country that we absolutely love visiting. Both of us have been there independently and together. Our most recent trip brought us to Rome and we definitely plan to see many more parts of this country during future trips.


The language spoken is Italian. You should not have any problems to get by on English though.

There is no best time to visit Italy. This country can be travelled to year-around, depending on what you want to see and do. The Dolomites will get cold and snowy in winter though and the rest of the country really hot during summer. Also during the summer months it tends to get really crowded. So for exploring and activities, the spring and fall months might be better!

Italy is part of the European Union, which is why the currency used is the euro (€).

The power plug sockets used are the same as for the rest of Continental Europe (Type F). The main voltage is 230 V.


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