Germany is located in central Europe and is the country with the most inhabitants in the European Union. The country is divided into 16 states. The Alps are located in the south of Germany and the northern part of the country borders the Baltic as well as the North Sea. I thought it was interesting that Germany has the third-largest amount of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

During our studies we both lived in Germany for 4 years, more precisely in Bonn, located in North Rhine-Westphalia. During that time we did explore quite some places around Bonn, but we still have quite some exploring to do when it comes to other areas of the country.

Germany FAQs

Planning your trip to Germany and don’t know where to start?


The best time to visit Germany are usually considered to be the summer months from June until September. However, we actually prefer the shoulder seasons, especially April until May are really nice, temperature and weather-vise. They are also your best bet if you want to escape the peak tourist months of July and August, which are also prone to heat waves. October is ideal for autumn foliage. December is cold and grey, but there are numerous beautiful Christmas markets!

Germany is part of the European Union, which is why the currency used is the Euro (€).

Same as the rest of Continental Europe the German power plug sockets are Type F. The main voltage is 230 V.

The language spoken is Germany is German. While the older generation might not necessarily speak any English, most people do have some English knowledge and especially in cities you should not have any trouble getting by with English!

What to see and do while in Germany!


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