The Algarve is a region in the south of Portugal and the capital city of this region is Faro. The south and west of this region are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the east borders Spain. The region’s name “Algarve” comes from the arabian word al-gharb meaning “the west” in english.

In terms of sightseeing this region of Portugal is mainly known for its beautiful beaches and stunning rock formations along its coasts.

We spent one week in the Algarve in March and spent our first week ever living out of a van here!


The languages spoken is Portuguese, but you won’t have any trouble getting by with English.

The best times to visit this region of Portugal are between June and August for beach weather. If you don’t like the summer heat and wish to do more exploring, April-May as well as September-October are better. The winter months are more wet and grey. However, there are still quite some Europeans who spend the winter months here.

The Algarve is a part of Portugal, the currency used is the euro (€).

The power plug sockets are of Type F and the main voltage 230 V.


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Vanlife is a way of travel that became more and more popular during the last years. Since we love everything related to travel, we naturally were not ignorant to the trend that had surged and started debating wether this way of travel could be a possibility for us or not.

In March we spent a week in the Algarve region of Portugal. In this post we will share with you what our route looked like, where we spent the night and how much our week-long trip cost us...


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During our week-long trip in the Algarve region of Portugal we tried to see as much of this beautiful region as possible. Top of the list are various beautiful beaches ...

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